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iLinux OS IRP (Install, Recovery & Private Mode)


Always feel Safe with "System in System" Technology.

iLinux OS IRP is an Autonomous Operating System EMBEDDED in iLinux OS and you can select it at Computer Startup.


With iLinux OS IRP you can:

1) Install iLinux OS.

2) RECOVER YOUR DATA from your iLinux Hard Disk if for any reason iLinux OS can't Startup.

3) Clone and Sync your iLinux OS Disk to other Disks, in order to have Exact Mirrors of your System for Increased Safety.


4) Operate in Privacy. Since iLinux OS IRP is a READ ONLY Operating System that loads in your Computer's Physical Memory (RAM), all changes you make are lost after Restart or Shut Down, unless you save your Data in another Disk or Network Location.

5) Operate in Comfort. iLinux OS IRP comes with all essential Software Preinstalled: WPS Office, Firefox Web Browser, Anydesk, Dukto - Direct Data Transfer, IRC Chat, Organizer, Notes, PDF Reader, Calculators, Unit Converter, World Time, VLC Video & Audio Player, Audacious Audio Player, CD/DVD Writer, Screenshooter, Sketchpad, Photo Editor, Text Editors, Password Generator, Disk Utilities, Backup & Sync Utilities, System Monitors, Network Scanner, FTP Client, SSH Client, WebDAV Client, Root Terminal and others.

6) ╬Ĺlternatively, you can Download and write iLinux OS IRP to a DVD or on a Ventoy USB Stick and use it to Startup your Computer (Windows - Mac - Linux) for Data Recovery or Private Operation or to Install iLinux OS.

iLinux OS IRP, combined with the Portability of iLinux OS, gives the User unprecedented Power, Flexibility and Security.

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